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About HempStaff

HempStaff was formed in April 2014 by husband and wife, James & Rosie Yagielo. Previous to HempStaff James had over 15 years expereince in recruiting and Rosie had over 20 years expereince in corporate training in the hospitality world. which led to HempStaff’s Training Division being formed in July 2014. Being a Florida based company, 2014 was focused on Florida’s upcoming medical program, which did not pass in 2014. After the disappointed of Florida rejected medical marijuana, James and Rosie quickly switched to a national model, starting first in Massachusetts, Rosie’s home state and spreading throughout the rest of the country in 2015, accumulating a database of over 80,000 candidates to date!

Since then HempStaff has recruited hundreds of clients hired thousands of candidates, plus we have trained over ten thousand students with our certification courses.