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Cannabis Accessories Guide for Newbies

Who would’ve known that dried and harvested flowers will be once referred to as one of the most known drugs in the world: Cannabis? It is a plant that is used to create weeds. It is consumed for its relaxing effect as it decreases the levels of stress and anxiety. It is surprisingly used as well in medical fields, more specifically to reduce pain and poor appetite, and in cosmetics, as it provides a good glow and reduces the wrinkles and fair lines created from stress. Cannabis is composed of two major substances, notably the THC, the psychoactive component which creates the “high” effect, and the CBD; a cannabinoid that is used to decrease inflammations, anxieties, migraines, and pain. Cannabis is popular in all fields in today’s societies. It is used in the least probable situations and is proved to be effective in inducing beneficial effects on people’s external appearance and internal health. There are, hence, numerous accessories available in the cannabis market and online at Smoke Cartel, which are quite popular and bought in mass. Today we’ll be looking at the top five accessories every cannabis smoker must have.

  1. Bongs:

Bongs are referred to as bubblers or bingers. They are a sort of water pipe that provides a better experience in smoking cannabis. Etymologically speaking, the word bong is derived from the Thai word “Baung” which designates a bamboo tube employed for smoking. Usually, Bongs are composed of two parts, the bowl, and the chamber. The bowl is used to carry the weed while the chamber is filled with water. The user needs to light up the weed and inhale. As the water reacts to the combustion of the plant, the smoke rises and is eventually inhaled by the user. Bongs are a good accessory for every cannabis smoker as it reduces the dry effect present in a joint instead and filters the smoke to provide its user with a better smoking experience.

  • Vaporizers:

Perhaps it’s more likely that you’ve referred to or heard of vaporizers as “Vapes” One popular type of vaporizer is the Vape pen, often paralleled to the e-cigarette because it uses a battery and heating coil. The vape contains a certain amount of cannabis and some liquid filler. It also contains a temperature monitor. Some studies show that vaporizers prevent lung irritations because they don’t combust the weed but rather heat it. They also reduce stress and anxiety more than other accessories because vaporized cannabis contains more cannabinoids, a substance used for medical treatments for it reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles, and stimulates appetite.  It has also been proved that switching from regular smoking to vaping causes fewer lung issues if not improves lung activities.

  • Dab Rigs:

Also known as Oil Rags, dab rigs are smoking devices usually made out of glass. The dab makes use of the concentrate, that is the plant’s concentrated version which is favorable for those who seek a powerful effect from a small dose. In this context, the dab is a concentrated dose of cannabis containing CBD, TCH, and other cannabinoids. Dab rigs are specialized water pipes designated to smoke dense concentrates through water vapor. The dab rig is composed of a nail –often referred to as a skillet – which holds the heated dab concentrate, and a second part that resembles a traditional bong. It is important to have the nail withstanding high temperature to assure the vaporizing of the cannabis. Dab rigs are easy to use; with a dabber, the user places the Cannabis concentrate on the dab nail which is then put under a butane torch’s heat. The user is left to inhale the vapor coming out from the mouthpiece. This device provides a peculiar and great taste and smell. It also saves cannabis and raises the tensity of getting high.

  • Grinders:

Grinders are very useful devices especially when you’re out for a night with friends or when you’re planning to smoke a lot. They are used to break down Cannabis into compact parts to preserve the same quantities in each bit. Its use allows for a consistent burn thanks to the equal amounts present in each joint. Cannabis is placed between the grinder’s teeth under the top lid which is to be rotated to get the necessary consistency. After about ten rotations, the top is removed and is gently hit on the side to allow any piece stuck in the teeth to loosen up. When the chamber with the teeth is unscrewed, the smoker will finally find his cannabis all prepared. Although the grinder is not a crucial tool, it is quite efficient as it helps the smoker divide a large amount of weed into small parts quickly and cleanly. Unlike hand-break up, grinders assure even burnings and sensations of relief.

  • Pipes:

The cannabis pipe is not to be mistaken with Sherlock Holme’s pipe. Its form is unique on its own and so is its use. It is indeed a small tool that looks like a spoon and is used to smoke cannabis. The pipe contains a stem from where the smoker inhales, a small bowl where the cannabis flower, a hole in the bottom of the bowl that facilitates the movement of smoke throughout the stem, and the carb – a bigger hole on the side that regulates airflow. The broken cannabis is placed into the pipe’s bowl without overcrowding it. The smoker blocks the carb and sparks the lighter close to the bowl’s surface. Still blocking the carb, he inhales to ignite the cannabis and create the wanted smoke. When the flower combusts, the lighter is switched off and the burning continues by covering and uncovering the cab. Pipes work like magic as the smoke is well-regulated thanks to the holes on the side, saves more cannabis, and delivers more THC to the body than other devices.

Now that you’re aware of these accessories, it is good to mention as well that good quality products will ensure a good consummation of Cannabis.