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The DO’S and DON’TS for Cannabis Companies in 2017

DO get involved! If you live in a newly approved medical or recreational marijuana state and you are waiting for things to happen—get involved. Don’t wait until the applications are out for cannabis companies. Join the local NORML chapter and start networking and volunteering. No matter where you live, if you want to work in the Cannabis Industry, attend “Canna-conferences”. Network with the vendors—attend the marijuana training sessions. Knowledge is power!

DON’T call business owners or cannabis companies, trying to tell them that you know more than they do about current marijuana laws, while trying to get them to help you. (True daily story here at HempStaff!) Additionally, your illegal experience is NOT going to get you ahead in a newly licensed medicinal state that is being heavily scrutinized. Please refrain from calling business owners and immediately begin to share everything you’ve ever done illegally with cannabis in your lifetime, in the hopes that it will put you at the top of a list. It won’t—in fact most of the time, you are tossed off the list for admitting criminal activity. No one is going to hire the guy everyone in town has been buying “weed” from for the last few years. The business owner isn’t going to hire anyone that has the potential of being on any law enforcement’s radar; it’s a simple as that. The fact that you would tell a stranger on the phone about it throws a red flag immediately.

DO take training if you want to work in the industry. Make sure it is training from a reputable company-one that’s been around longer than a minute and actually has a legitimate class. Do they know the and cover the regulations for each state specifically? Does their material have a copyright? DON’T get scammed by the all the NEW training cannabis companies flooding the market. What are their sources? Who are their trainers? How long have they legally worked in the industry? What is their background? How many people have they trained? Do cannabis business owners in your state recognize the training?

DON’T get scammed by new pop up cannabis companies in general. Recently, we’ve heard of “new” companies popping up, looking for sales people, to scam potential card holders into paying them for an “advanced medical marijuana card” which is just a useless piece of paper. This company not only scams the medical marijuana patients but scams potential employees into believing they are selling something “legitimate”.

DO stay current with what is going on in the industry. Read at least one article a day that pertains to the cannabis industry, the regulations and/or the medication. Follow credible sites that actually do the research and don’t just share opinion as fact.

DON’T read and share articles from fake news sources or unreliable ones. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true. If you question it, fact check it BEFORE sharing it. Make sure multiple reliable sources are all saying the same thing.

DO be brave in 2017. Follow your dreams and make it happen for you. Sitting on your couch is not going to make it happen. If you want something—you are going to have to put in the effort—work hard-play hard. We have seen these from our students – those with passion and drive are working in the cannabis industry today!

DON’T do the exact same thing, that you did in 2016, expecting a different result. You will be sadly disappointed.