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5 Ways Top Cannabis Industry Recruiting finds the Best Candidates

Want to hire the best people for your cannabis business? Of course, you do! That’s where Cannabis Industry Recruiting comes into play! Building a strong team is a high priority for nearly every company, let alone those with job openings in medical marijuana. People are the backbone of any great business. In an unpredictable landscape like cannabis, your team will make or break you. Attracting top cannabis talent is crucial to your longevity. Without the right people, your entire operation is at risk. For Medical Marijuana Businesses Hiring is one of the most important decisions you will make. But how do you ensure that you find the right people for your team? Here are top hiring practices the top cannabis companies use and how you can do the same.

1.) Strategic Brand Promotion

In a perfect world, top talent would find you. However, this isn’t a reality for most businesses. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Building a reputable brand will draw candidates directly to you. How do you create this kind of brand? Step one is establishing your brand. That starts with an identifiable logo and clear mission statement. Candidates want to work for companies they believe in. If you are clear on who you are, what you do, and why you do it – you’ll be more likely to attract the right candidates. In addition, an active presence on social media is key. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all potential avenues for sourcing top talent. An active presence on these channels will promote your brand while establishing your credibility in the industry.

2.) Accurate Job Descriptions

It may sound simple but a clear job description is one of the biggest factors for success when it comes to hiring. Clearly communicating to candidates what the medical marijuana job opening entails is crucial. After all, how else will someone know if they want to work for you? An effective cannabis job posting includes job duties, responsibilities, and benefits. The more detailed the job description is the better. While it will vary by position, try to be as accurate as possible. Keep in mind that a lot of companies choose to outsource this task to a cannabis recruiting company like HempStaff. Why? Hiring talent for key positions such as master grower is a long process. Business owners need to focus on running their operation instead of writing job descriptions. It’s more efficient to hire an expert.  While it will cost you more money to use cannabis industry recruiting, like HempStaff, if you calculate the time you will save on hiring not only the initial candidate, but future candidates (employees hired by Recruiting Agencies tend to stay at their place of employment longer!), you’ll see it’s a rather inexpensive investment to use a recruitment firm.

3.) Targeted Candidate Search

This is the biggest advantage to using cannabis industry recruiting. Having a huge number of applicants is a good thing, right? Well, not exactly. Having qualified candidates is great. But having too many unqualified candidates is not so great. Sorting through applicants takes time. HempStaff currently estimates each cannabis job opening gets around 200 resumes, with less than 10% of those being qualified and living within driving distance. You want to be strategic in your approach. Filtering through hundreds sometimes even thousands of uninterested and poor fitting candidates is inefficient. You could end up wasting hours and days of precious time that could be better spent elsewhere. A good recruiting strategy relies on a targeted candidate search. Instead of looking for any candidate, source only qualified candidates that are relevant to the job search. At HempStaff, we specialize in helping businesses filter their job search to find the right candidates.

4.) Comprehensive Compensation Packages

Hiring is a two-way process. Your business wants to source the best applicants. Applicants want to work for the best businesses. Top candidates are lucrative in the cannabis industry. To attract high quality applicants in the cannabis industry recruiting phase, an attractive compensation package is key. This goes beyond money. Granted, pay should be competitive. Strong candidates are unlikely to take a major pay cut no matter how great your business is, though many are willing for a smaller pay cut to enter the cannabis industry. However, money isn’t the only factor. Other incentives such as paid time off (PTO), work environment, medical benefits, and company culture all influence an applicant’s decision. Show candidates the value of working for your business.

5.) Streamlined Interview Process

What is one thing all top cannabis companies do when hiring? They have a clear game plan. From start to finish, the interview process is seamless. There is no bigger turn off to a great applicant than a business that’s all over the place. Companies come and go in the cannabis world. Top applicants want to work for top companies. Demonstrate to candidates that your business is the real deal with a consistent interview experience. How do you provide this? By prioritizing recruiting and training.

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