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Below is a list of all our ON DEMAND Cannabis Training. We also offer live training in person or via webinars, contact us for more information. HempStaff has trained and certified over 11,000 students since 2014 in our Cannabis Training Classes!

ON DEMAND Cannabis Training Courses

Basic Dispensary Training

Basic Dispensary training is 2.5-hour class covering what you need to know to work the retail side of the industry: CBD Stores or Cannabis Dispensaries. This is a less-intense version of the Budtender Certification with an overview of the endocannabinoid system and a summary of the basic cannabinoids and terpenes that the plant possesses. This will not cover state-specific laws or include the resume review but does include product education and dosage recommendations. You will not need to take a test for your certificate of completion. This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Dispensary Training.

Basic Dispensary Training @ On Demand


Advanced Cannabis Science Training

Advanced Cannabis Science Training is not about working in the Cannabis Industry but instead, it’s all about the Cannabis Plant. This 2.5-hour course is a deep dive into the endocannabinoids our body makes and how phyto cannabinoids can fill in when our own production decreases. We will also focus on terpenes and flavonoids to round out the entourage effect that the cannabis plant along with other plants can have when we incorporate them into our daily diet and routine. This is a great class for people already in the wellness industry who want to incorporate THC or CBD into their life. The class will focus on the biology of the cannabis plant and the biology of the human body. This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Science Training.

Advanced Cannabis Training @ On Demand


Dispensary Manager Training

The Dispensary Manager class is a full outline of a day in the life of a Cannabis Dispensary Manager! This 2.5-hour class will provide an in-depth review of controlling your three biggest assets: your staff, your cash and your inventory. Are you a Dispensary Agent looking for a promotion or a manager in another retail arena or fast paced restaurant looking to change industries? Then this is the class for you. This course is currently ONLY offered as ON DEMAND Dispensary Manager Training.

Dispensary Manager Training @ On Demand


Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training

Are you an experienced salesperson trying to find your way into the Cannabis Industry? This 2.5-hour Cannabis & Hemp Sales training is a great starting point to help you understand what we sell, who we sell for and who we sell to. New to sales? We’ll show you how to build your network and begin your lead search to help you get ready to succeed at your first sales position. Not sure how to begin? We’ve got you covered with cover letter and resume writing, including post class resume review with a heavy focus on interviewing skills to get the job you want! This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Sales Training.

Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training @ On Demand


Personal Cannabis Cultivation Training

Do you live in a state where medical or adult-use personal cannabis cultivation is permitted and have no idea where to begin? This class 4 hour course is a beginner-grow class is an entry-level look into setting up and starting your own personal cultivation. We will discuss location, lights, temperature controls, grow set-ups, medias, nutrients, pests, plant health and of course planting, growing, harvesting and curing. Be ready to take notes! This course is now also offered as ON DEMAND Cannabis Cultivation Training.

Cannabis Cultivation Training @ On Demand


State Specific Dispensary Training

Our original course we have been doing since 2014! This class is customized to present that State’s specific laws as they apply to getting into the industry and laws that apply to working in a dispensary every day like state purchase and possession limits, age restrictions and POS requirements. Additionally, the class will focus on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid & terpenes from the Cannabis Plant, product information and dosage recommendations. We even provide a resume review for students of this class. Be ready to take a test to earn your Budtender Certification! This course is 3 hours long and new states will be released weekly. Below are the states you can currently purchase On Demand Dispensary Training for:

AL Dispensary Training

AZ Dispensary Training

AR Dispensary Training

CA Dispensary Training

CO Dispensary Training

CT Dispensary Training

DC Dispensary Training

FL Dispensary Training

GA Dispensary Training

IL Dispensary Training

LA Dispensary Training

MA Dispensary Training

MD Dispensary Training

MI Dispensary Training

MN Dispensary Training

MO Dispensary Training

MS Dispensary Training

MT Dispensary Training

NJ Dispensary Training

NM Dispensary Training

NY Dispensary Training

OH Dispensary Training

OK Dispensary Training

PA Dispensary Training

SD Dispensary Training

TX Dispensary Training

VA Dispensary Training

UT Dispensary Training

WV Dispensary Training





Check out your state’s hemp and marijuana laws below and/or schedule a private training course! We also recruit in Canada and Puerto Rico.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington D.C.
West Virginia

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Mitch Nelson
Super helpful! James was very kind and quick to respond. He helped me refine my resume and I was employed within two weeks! Amazing.
Ari Brunet
I’ve dreamt of being a budtender for a few years now and I was anxious to enter the industry. When I found HempStaff, it really was a godsend! I’ve never experienced such helpful and friendly recruitment advice. I now feel part of a huge family of likeminded people and I genuinely know I can achieve my dreams. They lay out a super clear path ahead for any kind of career in the growing medical and recreational cannabis industry, providing incredible training seminars and course manuals. Not only do they do courses, they have so many resources to help you find work to break into the industry, and you can even send them your CV for advice. I’m blown away by HempStaff.
T Pilar DeJesus
Norris Gibson
I've personally known about Hempstaff for some years now but now that I've decided to immerse myself in the Cannibus industry I've used them for several reasons. Rosie is amazing and if there is one thing you should know, it's you will definitely leave their classes and sessions more informed, confident and prepared no matter what you're looking to get out of the industry!!
Vickey Hill
Hey Everyone, I am Vickey Hill who love the people, and instructors for this company I give 10 all the way. My life is changing great because of the time and knowledge they are teaching. Thank you. I plan on being an owner of a Dispensary one day.
Roshanna Stewart
The host were awesome. The class was very informative and I will be back for more classes!
Samantha Houghton
This was a very informative class! The staff was very helpful and I am looking forward to the next class.
Amber Dixon
I've taken both the manager course and the basic course, and they had my attention the entire 3 hours! They were absolutely full of knowledge and wisdom, and I absorbed every bit of it! Looking forward to the advanced class this weekend!!
Zainub Anderson
I took: Basic Dispensary Training, Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training, and Advanced Cannabis Training course, they gave me confidence and built my knowledge base into a more sophisticated knowledge so that I can think and speak intelligently to make me prepared in the industry.I wanted in person classes at first but as I think about it, it's no different and it's a benefit that they are online because this means convenient opportunity. I don't want to wait a year or even a couple of months to take these classes! They are in a good rotation!
Kima Desjuan
The Training Courses are very informative, yet interesting!
Jasmine Phillip
I took my second class and I really enjoy learning more everytime
Christine Hadersbeck
Christy Peters
Rosie a Joe was great. Really enjoyed the class today. I will continue and take 'advance cannabis training' through Hemp staff.
Danielle Doney
I had an amazing experience taking the Dispensary Training class and the Advanced Cannabis class. After only a month I've had a phone interview and got called back for a face to face interview which was today! Thank you Rosie, Joe, Brittany, and the rest of the HempStaff team!
Lincoln DeWitt
HempStaff is great! Rosie and Joe were fantastic teachers. It was a great experience to listen to people who are truly passionate about their field of work. I highly recommend HempStaff to anyone who wants to get into the cannabis industry!
Malik Church (NomadThirteen)
HempStaff was an excellent choice for someone with not much cannabis experience or knowledge like myself. They provided a great coarse which has helped increase my confidence and understanding of this new and fast growing industry,
D Higgins
As a Gen X professional looking to find a more personally fulfilling career, the medical marijuana industry sparked my interest as it is new in my state and I can utilize a specific skill set in which I have an abundance of experience. While researching the medical marijuana industry, I came across HempStaff and took their Basic Training course. I was quite pleased with the content and pace of the course. Knowledge is power and I gained more insight of the industry than I initially anticipated. I am looking forward to learning even more as well as securing a job in a field that I am passionate about. Thank you Rosie and Joe for your information and inspiration!
Jeff Myers
I took the Basic and Advance courses in October. The instructors provided a wealth of information that I was able to use on my interview with Trulieve, which is expanding in my state. Loved the informaiton on Terpenes and Flavonoids, since I had a background as a Barista and learned about pairings of food with coffee or tea. Now I can doing pairings with not only cannabis and food, but also coffee, tea, and wine due to the flavonoids within each. The interview went well and I was offered the job before it ended. I'm presently scheduled to start work in December.
Lisa Ropka
I am beyond satisfied with the two online training classes I have taken. I am so thankful for finding Hemp Staff. Rosie and Joe are great at covering all the information. They are very Professional and valuable when explaining all of the questions anyone had in the group. I will be signing up for more of the classes as new ones are being added. Thank You, Rosie & Joe You two Rock ! Lisa Ropka
Andrea Woodward
I took the Maryland dispensary training course first in 2018 with Farrah and it was excellent. Using the resume template helped tremendously! After 2 months of applying for jobs I landed interviews with 3 dispensaries and was just hired! Just took the course again for a refresher and Rosie and Joe were wonderful. Great for updates and still learning new things! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into the industry.
Down to earth staff and helps you every step of the way for classes! They go the extra mile for you
Crystal Paulino
They were AMAZING!!! Farrah and the other instructor were very honest but very heart felt. They were not afraid to be open and trusting with us. They shared their own personal stories while strengthening us a team. They were open and informative about what we needed to learn and expect. I would love to be apart of this again (: I highly recommend !
theforkman16 R
The staff was very well informed on the cannabis industry and the class was extremely helpful because of them. The passion of these people shows through their presentation, making it clear I chose the right class haha. I loved the interactivity and their ability to answer any questions we had during the class. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to become a bud tender in a medical/rec. state!
Cynthia Bradley
The training class was full of key information which will endure as the industry grows. The trainers were friendly and knowledgeable.
Kelley Owen
Joan from Hemp Staff was amazing!!! Because of her, I was able to get my dream job. This agency is the best at what they do and I urge everyone to check them out. THANK YOU JOAN!!!
Trey Weber
Great experience, instructors are knowledgeable and extremely caring about what they teach. Will return to the class again to learn more.
Kelli Durham
I loved this class! So much great information and the ladies running the training were knowledgeable and truly passionate about cannabis. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer (which in the bigger picture isn't actually bad, I don't think). I highly recommend taking this course!
Paige Green
Farrah and her team are excellent teachers and public speakers. They present a magnificent blend of intellectual authority and charismatic presence. I freaking loved this seminar.
Gina Jackson
Good, informative workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed Farrah as an instructor.
Al Silvia
Took my class this morning with the lovely ladies of Hempstaff. LOVED IT! Very educational and the staff was awesome! Easy to talk to and very well informed.
Extremely informative. The class was even better than I imagined. They give you so many helpful tips and information. Highly recommend.
Damaris Delgado
Excellent course very instructive and interesting. To the instructors Rosie and Farrah, thanks so much it was a pleasure and now I'm ready for the next level.
Moriah Pamyu
Super awesome class! The class was educational, and very fun. The staff were amazing people as well. Definitely recommended.
Ramon Rivera
Mark Heil
Just got home from taking the class this morning and WoW!!! Tons of info in this class and I will be back in December for a refresher for sure. If you're looking to get in the Medical Cannabis Industry then this is a must do class. I knew I was going to learn a lot more about Cannabis in general but I'm in knowledge overload right now. The staff was incredible to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about the history, growth, medical uses and both Federal and State laws as well. Awesome, awesome class!!!
Margot Cardinale
HempStaff is a top notch recruitment and educational company that provides positive and accurate information regarding the legal medical cannabis industry. The Dispensary Training course is incredibly informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in entering the industry, or simply learning about medical cannabis - you will learn a ton from an amazing, friendly & professional staff.
Karen Campbell
Haidy Gaitan Ulloa
Very informative class ! Looking forward for an event in NYC !
iconic_ kpop_
De'Linda Barber
This company is super awesome. They take the time to educate and answer questions and they are great people too.
Maigan Lopez
Cannabis Education is key if we want this industry to grow (no pun intended) in the right direction. Erasing stigma and bringing the truth about the benefits of the cannabis plant will only help everyone in the future. HempStaff is Doing this. Keep up the good fight guys and gals.
Sammie MCcoy
Love what this company stands for!! So informative!
Farrah V (CannaQueenDGO)
This company is amazing! I've seen personally how hard they work and the time and energy put into the classes presented. I took the class and now work as a recruiter at Hempstaff, they prepared me for employment and then employed me! Five stars all day!