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5 Tips that Will Help You Choose the Right Vaporizer

Cannabis is one of the most popular substances in the world, with a massive and widespread amount of users. Today, cannabis has been normalized and destigmatized in society, which has enabled the popularity of this plant to grow. People now use cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. The substance has many benefits, including the […]

Cannabis Accessories Guide for Newbies

Who would’ve known that dried and harvested flowers will be once referred to as one of the most known drugs in the world: Cannabis? It is a plant that is used to create weeds. It is consumed for its relaxing effect as it decreases the levels of stress and anxiety. It is surprisingly used as […]

7 Tips To Enhance Your Cannabis Vape Experience

The usage of cannabis for recreational and alleged medicinal purposes can be dated back to around 2800 BCE. However, it’s been illegal in most places since the dawn of modern society. Recently, people have become more open with their cannabis usage as more countries legalize it. Finding the best consumption method is a common conversation […]

5 Ways a Cannabis Certification Can Help You

Cannabis is over a $32 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. And no, that’s not a typo. Marijuana brings in more money than wine (and we know Americans love their wine). With the explosion in the U.S. market comes hundreds of thousands of new jobs every year. And, they’re eagerly awaiting the perfect candidate. Filling […]

5 Reasons To Include CBD Body Butter In Your Skincare Routine

Cannabidiol (CBD) has many beneficial claims, some of which are its ability to reduce inflammation and ease minor pain. For these reasons, several cosmetics manufacturers incorporate doses of CBD into their products. One such product that may include CBD is body butter. Many people use body butter as part of their daily beauty regimen after […]

Cannabis 101: Top 13 Health Benefits of Cannabis (Backed by Science)

Cannabis is a good alternative medicine that millions of people around the globe use. But did you know that cannabis can be found in various forms and there are many potential benefits of it too. For example- globally several people are already using cannabis to treat anxiety and other disorders and they have been quite […]

Inside the Canadian CBD Oil Industry: Why Everyone is Shopping Online

The CBD oil industry in Canada has become so massive that everyone now wants to get in. From small businesses to multinational companies, I think it’s safe to say that the future of CBD is bright. And among so many CBD products on the market, CBD oil is still king. People from beginners to enthusiasts […]

Different types of vaporizers: What to choose?

Vaping industry is constantly rising, with an estimated $15 billion market value in 2020, which is predicted to grow by more than 28 percent by 2028. The industry includes a wide array of products designed to meet versatile consumer demands. When vaporizers initially hit the market, the offer was a bit skinny; however, as the […]

How to Make CannaButter

Edibles are definitely one of the best ways to consume cannabis. Unlike smoking, eating cannabis-infused edibles doesn’t involve any smoke, and they are also free from any harmful compounds that accompany smoking. Cannabis edibles are also a great way to prolong your high, as their effects are considerably longer when compared to either smoking or […]

Top 10 Careers in Cannabis to Pay Attention to In 2022

What are the Top Careers in Cannabis? In 2021 sales was still the most sought after position in the cannabis industry. A close second was Lab positions in Testing Labs, so who knows what 2022 will hold? Did you know that jobs in the legal cannabis industry pays more than the median US salary in other […]