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Starting a Career in the Marijuana Industry

Why Budtender Training will be Crucial for Dispensaries in 2018

In 2017, legal cannabis sales are anticipated to reach $9.7 billion by the end of the year. 2018 predictions promise to be even higher. The industry is growing fast. But regardless of where your marijuana dispensary is located, you need to be prepared for the changes up ahead. The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and […]

What is a Cannabis Recruiter?

Curious what working with a cannabis recruiter is really like? Perhaps you are a cannabis entrepreneur who needs to expand your team. Or maybe you are a professional looking for marijuana jobs. Regardless of your current position, you may be interested in what a marijuana recruiter’s job entails. After all, what does working with a […]

Medical Marijuana Education and Certification for Dispensary Jobs

When someone walks into a dispensary, who are they most likely to interact with? A Dispensary Agent. That’s why there is a need for Medical Marijuana Training and Education Certificate for Dispensary Agents. Dispensary Agents, also known as Budtenders, are the frontline of any retail medical marijuana operation. They are one of the most sought […]

The Power of Language in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis plant has a long and turbulent history. While one of the world’s most ancient medicines, cannabis was demonized through prohibition. Beginning with Harry J. Anslinger as the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department’ s Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the war on drugs began. A campaign fueled by fear and racism led to […]

How to Spot a Legitimate Cannabis Company

The marijuana industry could generate over 21 billion dollars in revenue by 2021. This makes legal cannabis one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. These rapid growth rates are attracting entrepreneurs and investors alike. New businesses are entering the space daily. No doubt, it is an exciting time in the cannabis world. While the industry […]

Why Professionalism Matters in the Cannabis Community

One in five Americans lives in a state with recreational marijuana. There are only six states that have no form of legal cannabis under any circumstances in the U.S. Canada is expected to legalize cannabis in 2018. Mexico has also talked about moving towards legalizing medical cannabis. There is so much going on in the […]

8 Reasons to Complete Medical Marijuana Training

Interested in getting a job in the cannabis industry? To break into the industry your first to do should always be to take some medical marijuana training. Legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. What was once an underground infrastructure has now become a full-fledged, legal entity in states […]

The DO’S and DON’TS for Cannabis Companies in 2017

DO get involved! If you live in a newly approved medical or recreational marijuana state and you are waiting for things to happen—get involved. Don’t wait until the applications are out for cannabis companies. Join the local NORML chapter and start networking and volunteering. No matter where you live, if you want to work in […]

Cannabis Social Media – Be Cautious

Cannabis Social Media – Be Cautious, even if you live in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Social media is NOT private, especially relating to cannabis social media. You can privatize your security settings to screen out most people but occasionally someone is going to “accidentally” or “coincidentally” see you and if you are trying […]

Why is getting into the MMJ industry so difficult?

Medical Marijuana Jobs in the MMJ Industry As a recruiter in the MMJ Industry, we must get this question at least ten times a day. We’re talking about folks looking for Medical Marijuana employment in states that have new medical marijuana programs with dispensaries and cultivation centers that have recently opened or been licensed. These […]