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Different types of vaporizers: What to choose?

Vaping industry is constantly rising, with an estimated $15 billion market value in 2020, which is predicted to grow by more than 28 percent by 2028. The industry includes a wide array of products designed to meet versatile consumer demands. When vaporizers initially hit the market, the offer was a bit skinny; however, as the interest in these devices grew, the manufacturers came up with new solutions, which led to the plethora of different types of vaporizers we have today.

Although different in their purpose in design, each vaporizer features three main components:

•             Battery

•             Heating chamber/atomizer

•             Vaping substance

For those who are just starting to show interest in vaping, it might be difficult to choose the optimal product since the offer is so versatile. For this reason, we came up with this practical guide that should help you understand what choices lay ahead of you and how to choose the best vaporizer for your needs.

The difference in vaping substance

If you’re looking for a vaporizer, you should know that there are differences in vaping substances. The moment you start your search, you’ll notice that you have a choice between a nicotine, weed and best dry herb vaporizer. Both types of devices pretty much use the same type of technology. However, a few differences make each device suitable for the type of substance used for vaping. For example, the best dry herb vaporizer cannabis vaporizers use batteries to power the electric coil that heats the material that forms the vape. Additionally, both categories of devices feature models intended for different types of materials, whether liquid, wax, or dry material.

Nicotine vaping products

There is a rich offer on the market when it comes to nicotine vaping devices. There are simple and cheap solutions for those who just want to stop inhaling combusted tobacco and complex vaping devices designed for people looking for more than satisfying their daily nicotine requirements.

Vape pens

These are the simplest and the earliest forms of vaporizers. As they are frequently called, e-cigarettes or vape pens feature a cylindric shape, run on batteries, and use disposable cartridges. There are also disposable vape pens that allow you a limited number of puffs, and once you reach the limit, you simply dispose of the entire device and get a new one. There were some concerns regarding the safety of these devices. However, they were all debunked through scientific research and user experience  but there are still some shops that offers an E Cigarette Starter Kit for beginners. All you have to do is to search online. I’m sure you’ll definitely find one!

Box mods

Box mods are vaping devices intended for more advanced users and people who like to customize their vaping experience. Box modes come with a wide range of different features that help the user adjust different aspects of use. Mods are generally much larger than vape pens which allows for a larger battery, so there’s more power, and your vaping sessions are much longer. Furthermore, mods also give you the chance to adjust coil temperature, which influences the thickness of the vape and the flavor.

One of the most powerful features of box mods is changing their components. You could buy new mouthpieces, coils, or even batteries. The possibilities depend on the model you choose, but it’s safe to say that the best portable vaporizer in this category should allow you a wide range of customization options.

Cannabis vaping products

Soon after the first nicotine vaping products reached the consumers, the demand for cannabis vaping products emerged, and the manufacturers didn’t keep their customers waiting for long. Furthermore, the legalization of marijuana and its derivatives in the USA and Canada further propelled the development of the dry herb vaporizer industry. Nowadays, we have vaping devices that allow the usage of oils, wax, and dry marijuana products. However, an essential distinction between cannabis and nicotine vaping devices is that there are both portable and desktop cannabis vaporizers, while those who vape nicotine-based products have only portable vaporizers at their disposal.

THC/CBD oil pen

The simplest form of cannabis vaping device that most commonly features a cylindric shape and allows the use of reusable or disposable cartridges which contain CBD or THC. While simple and free of more advanced features, oil vape pens usually allow users to adjust the heating temperature for maximum effectiveness. Therefore, it is a perfect option for those who need a discrete vaping solution when they are on public transport or on the street.

THC/CBD wax pen

It is very similar to oil pens in design; however, what separates wax pens from their counterparts that use oil is one of their main components. Wax pens feature a heating chamber where you store CBD or THC wax or concentrate. For those that prefer short hits that pack a strong punch, wax pens are the best cannabis vaporizer option on the market because wax contains a high concentration of THC or CBD, so instead of a long vaping session, you get a few hits that have a much stronger effect than oil.

Dry herb vaporizers

Similar to nicotine box mods, dry herb vaporizers offer a series of features that enhance the vaping experience. These vaporizers provide improved battery life, which allows long-lasting vaping sessions. Furthermore, dry herb vaporizers offer the ability to adjust the temperature so you can always get the most out of each vaping session.

It’s important to know that there is a difference in the way the vape is produced among dry herb vaporizers. Vaporizers that use conduction to heat the dry herb heat the material unevenly because the heating surface directly contacts the weed. This means that you have to shake your vaporizer from time to time in order to disperse the burnt material and use up every bit of the material you store in the heating chamber.

On the other side, convection-based vapes are probably the best dry herb vaporizer option for cannabis users because these products’ technology allows hot air to heat marijuana and create vapor. This way, users get the most of each vaping session along with the economic benefit.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are an amazing solution for those who enjoy a long vaping session at home with their friends. These devices are bulk and commonly need an external power supply, although there are models that feature large rechargeable batteries. These vaporizers use convection heating to create vaping, which heats the material evenly, so there are no unused leftovers. In addition, these devices have a larger heating chamber, which means you can store more cannabis than you could in a portable dry herb vaporizer, making it perfect for an evening with friends.

How to choose the best vaping device for you?

Now that we have listed all the options, it’s up to you to decide which type of device is most suitable for you. If you’re interested in nicotine vapes, the choice is plentiful and depends on your budget and personal preferences. Suppose you’re looking into cannabis product vaporizers. In that case, the choice comes down to whether you wish to vape CBD or THC, and from there, the choices vary according to the concentration of cannabinoids, types of cannabis derivatives, and of course, your budget size.