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Below is a list of HempStaff media coverage of our Cannabis Recruiting Services and Dispensary Training:


HempStaff Media - 10Buds10Buds
How to Manage Your Workforce with Cannabis HR
“While many cannabis HR firms do cover all duties related to hiring and managing staff, there are also several excellent companies dedicated strictly to cannabis staff recruitment.”
HempStaff Media - BenzingaBenzinga
How Cannabis Legalization Is Changing The American Workplace
“For more liberal companies, we see it leaning towards cigarettes, where employees are allowed to take cannabis smoke breaks and consume during their lunch hour.”
HempStaff Media - Cannabis Business Times
Cannabis Business times
13 Tips for Competing in a Tight Cannabis Labor Market
Many employees got a taste of working remotely during the pandemic and loved it. According to a Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds of U.S workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to do so.
HempStaff Media - American Prospect
The American Prospect
The Restaurant-to-Cannabis Pipeline
“Many former restaurant workers have attended our [training] webinars since the pandemic started, and many have contacted us confirming they landed a cannabis job and switched careers,” James Yagielo, chief executive officer at HempStaff, a hemp and cannabis recruiting agency, said”
HempStaff Media - MJBiz
MJ Biz Magazine
How to manage seasonal workers for cannabis cultivation
“James Yagielo, CEO of Florida-based employment consultancy HempStaff, recommends recruiting at least 30 days before workers are needed..”
HempStaff Media - TrichromesTrichromes (Video)

Pre-Employment THC Screening & Beyond – Careers in Cannabis with James Yagielo of HempStaff
“In this episode recorded on 03/02/2021, Ashley Manning talked to James Yagielo, CEO of HempStaff, the industry leader in medical marijuana recruiting and dispensary training.”
HempStaff Media - Cannabis Biz Times
Cannabis Business Times
Job Boom Continues to Soar in Cannabis Sector, Outdoing Nearly All Other American Industries
“Deemed essential business, cannabis companies forge ahead with growth and hiring uptick ignited at the end of 2020.”
1/1/2021 HempStaff Benzinga 2021BENZINGA More Of The Same In 2021: Staffing Experts Predict This Year’s In-Demand Cannabis Jobs
“Demand for cultivators and dispensary managers should increase as the markets become reality. He projected substantial potential in Arizona and New Jersey as adult use takes shape in both states.”
12/28/2020 HempStaff BenzingaBENZINGA Temp Staffing, Production and Sales Highlight A Year Of Hiring In The U.S. Cannabis Market
“Inclusion is starting to come around, but many kinks still need to be worked out to make it successful nationwide in the cannabis [and] hemp industry”
10/5/2020 HempStaff CA NORMLCA NORML Surviving the Cannabis Industry 2020 Style
“2020 has not been kind to the financial stability of this country. While cannabis continues to be deemed essential…”
10/3/2020 HempStaff Sensi FloridaSensi Magazine So, you want to get a job in the cannabis industry?
Better sharpen your digital networking skills. The competition is fierce.
9/15/2020 HempStaff LeaflyLeafly College students taking a COVID gap semester are turning to cannabis jobs
“Cannabis job applications are up, too. Recruiters like James Yagielo, CEO of Hempstaff”
6/29/2020 HempStaff Media - Hemp Industry DailyHemp Industry Daily Overheard at HIDC: Hemp sales jobs are hot, while cultivation sector getting crowded
“People got laid off from other industries. They’re looking for something they know and like, and that’s cannabis,” Yagielo said.
6/9/2020 HempStaff Media - TrichromesTrichromes (Video)
Careers in Cannabis
Career Opportunity in Hemp and Cannabis Podcast with James CEO HempStaff
4/15/2020 HempStaff Media - Hemp Industry DailyHemp Industry Daily
Chart: Hemp salaries outgunning those for careers in mainstream agriculture
“A survey gathering salaries for hemp farming positions from executive management to farm labor by HempStaff shows that careers in hemp farm management outpace pay for similar careers in traditional agriculture…”
4/13/2020 HempStaff Media - Hemp Industry DailyHempGrower
Exclusive: How hemp legalization changed salaries across the industry
“It was immediate, people wanting to find employees in hemp”
4/4/2020 HempStaff Media - Hemp GrowerHempGrower
Hemp Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following in April
“On top of posting updates on its regular training webinars, this cannabis recruiting and dispensary training company keeps its Twitter followers up to speed on some of the latest hemp happenings.”
3/15/2020 HempStaff Media - Crains DetroitCrain’s Detroit Business
Medical marijuana sellers navigate the training landscape
“HempStaff, a Florida-based medical marijuana recruiting and training company, says it has trained dispensary employees in 24 states, including more than 100 workers in Michigan.”
12/10/2019 HempStaff Media - MG
MG Magazine

Creating the Perfect Budtender
“HempStaff has trained dispensary staff members in twenty-three states and tailors its curriculum to each specific market. “We review the top twenty cannabis products available in that state and even conduct a mock sales transaction.”
11/25/2019 HempStaff Media - 5 Chicago
5 Chicago
Cashing In On Cannabis: Companies, Individuals Look to Make Big Bucks with Legalized Marijuana
“Back in Illinois, would-be budtenders packed a suburban hotel last weekend, as a company called HempStaff offered foot-in-the-door training for what is expected to be an exploding industry.”
11/5/2019 HempStaff Media - The Growth Op
The Growth Op
Wrong to right: U.S. company helps people overcome cannabis convictions and find jobs
“Miami-based HempStaff helps companies in Illinois and five other states locate potential employees who meet certain social equity requirements — such as having a non-violent marijuana conviction in their past. Under legalization law in Illinois, the more workers companies employ with cannabis convictions, the better their chances become of landing a coveted licence to grow and sell the drug.”
HempStaff Media - Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Sun Times
Been busted for weed? That will actually help you land a job when it’s legalized
“HempStaff, a Miami-based recruitment and training agency, launched a new division last month to help cannabis firms in Illinois and five other states hire employees that meet certain social equity requirements, including those with pot offenses on their records.”
HempStaff Media - Health Europa
Medical Cannabis Network
Cannabis jobs: how cannabis companies are flooding the job market
“HempStaff Chief Executive Officer James Yagielo also noted that as hemp factories begin to ramp up production rates, companies will need “factory line people, machinists and other types of workers.”
HempStaff Media - Thinking outside the BudThinking Outside the Bud
Podcast – Episode 6 with James Yagielo
A 30 minute podcast with Bruce Eckfeldt discussing the cannabis industry and Budtenders.
HempStaff Media - Yahoo
Yahoo Finance
Federal Weed Legislation Starts Tomorrow
“Ever since the Farm Bill passed, we have seen a huge increase in hemp clients coming forward, saying they need staff now or in the next few months.”
HempStaff Media - WikiLeaf
Google Bans Marijuana Sales Through the Play Store
“Google has not been friendly to the Cannabis Industry,” Yagielo told The Stash. “They’ve caused us problems with advertising since 2015.”
HempStaff Media - KC Business
Kansas City Business Journal
Missouri could see medical cannabis create 7,500 jobs next year
“The medical cannabis industry in Missouri is going to need to hire thousands of people, including those with high-level skills for hard-to-fill positions.”
HempStaff Media - CNBC
Newly Legalized Hemp Industry Set to Create a Jobs Boom in the US
“Yagielo said 80% of HempStaff’s current openings are for upper-level jobs, such as CFOs and accounting managers, but “once hemp factories get up and running to create products, they’re going to need factory line people, machinists and other types of workers.”
HempStaff Media - RX Leaf
RX Leaf
Cannabis Industry Jobs are Coming by the Thousands
“However, they truly shine in their ability to connect potential employees with business in need of personnel.”
HempStaff Media - HR Dive
HR Dive
HempStaff launches medical marijuana training and certification webinar
“To keep pace with need growing across the country, HempStaff, a cannabis-industry recruiting agency, announced its first webinar for medical marijuana dispensary training for Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas job seekers.”
HempStaff Media - Terpenes
Terpenes and Testing Magazine
How one company is bringing fresh talent into an industry that’s expanding at massive levels.
“We do believe at this point, especially the medical industry, that it is not going anywhere.”
HempStaff Media - MJBiz
MJ Biz Magazine
Marijuana Business Magazine Salary Survey
“We see chemical engineers coming who have done extraction at other places (such as) Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson,” said James Yagielo, CEO of HempStaff
HempStaff Media - Pot Network
Pot Network
Staffing the Cannabis Industry: How one cannabis recruiting firm is using an affiliate program to help cannabis businesses earn additional revenue
“Cannabis affiliates can earn up to $1000 in commission through the new program. The commission can also be earned by referring business owners to HempStaff’s cannabis training programs too. “
HempStaff Media THV 11
THV 11
Now Hiring: You can become a ‘budtender’ for medical marijuana dispensary jobs
“Attendees will learn about the medicinal effects of cannabis, state laws, and complete a certification test. It’s training certification Faught [Dispensary Owner] would be impressed with on a resume.”
HempStaff Media - Cleveland.com
Ohio’s budding medical-marijuana industry has more open jobs than candidates
“One thing we tell people in our training classes is that job security could be an issue because at any given time the federal government could decide to enforce the federal law and shut down cannabis businesses,”
HempStaff Media - Dispensaries.com
Company Fills Growing Demand for Cannabis Workers
“HempStaff provides a service that can quickly cut down a large number of applicants to those who are qualified for jobs in the hemp, recreational cannabis, and medical marijuana industry.”
HempStaff Media - Cannabis Biz Times
Cannabis Business Times
5 Traditional Corporate Skills the Cannabis Industry Wants in Its New Hires
“We have hired for the cannabis industry directly from other industries, with no previous cannabis employment.”
HempStaff Media - Forbes
Legalizing Florida Marijuana Flower Comes Down to Dollars and Sense
“States that allow flower in their medical marijuana program see a much greater percentage of patients,” James Yagielo
HempStaff Media - Detroit
Oklahoma News 4
Cannabis college for growing industry
“I felt like I learned almost too much. I learned a lot. Having this versus not having this, you will be able to have the knowledge to give the patients when the come into the dispensary vs not knowing anything at all,” Tyler Ridenour, Hempstaff student.
HempStaff Media - OK
Oklahoma Gazette
Tending Flower
“So we partnered with some people in the industry. Some dispensary managers created our curriculum. Since then, it’s been revised by a cannabinoid doctor, actually, and we, to date, have trained over 6,500 people in 20 state”
HempStaff Media - Superb
Superb Crew
HempStaff Quickly Becomes an industry leader in Hemp Industry Employee Recruiting
“Our goal continues to be, to ensure each state’s cannabis program succeeds by having the proper employees in place for each employer.”
HempStaff Media - MG
MG Magazine
The Vegas Show: MJBizCon Hosts Big, Legal Cannabis Industry
“In years past, she said, cultivators had been in great demand, but as the industry grows and scales up, extraction services are quickly expanding to take the lead.”
HempStaff Media - WJXT
News 4 Jax
High demand for medical marijuana means more jobs
“I would say about 50 percent of companies, probably more in Florida, actually drug test their initial employees. So if you test positive, and you don’t have your medical marijuana card, that could be a problem.”

HempStaff Media - Detroit Metro

Metro Times

How a Michigan-made marijuana testing company went national
“This is the first event of this kind, aimed at the specific skills for dispensary workers, that I’ve noticed around here. “
HempStaff Media - Cincy
CBD Oil: Crackdown on Ohio sales hasn’t stopped some retailers from defying state regulators
“Enforcement may be there for a couple of weeks or months, but the police don’t have time to go around and check every head shop or every mall kiosk to see if they have CBD products.”
HempStaff Media - CR
Consumer Reports
6 Tips for Safe CBD Use
“Some states have gone way more medical with their dispensaries, and they look like a doctor’s office and have a medical professional on staff, as opposed to states that legalized years ago, when the dispensaries looked like an old fashioned head shop with Bob Marley posters on the wall.”
HempStaff Media - Forbes2
Marijuana Users Being Turned Away From Cannabis industry Jobs
“Bragging about growing primo black market bud or being the top selling weed slinger in the county are not things that should be listed on a resume.”
HempStaff Media - WTAM
WTAM 1100 AM
Medical Marijuana Classes Available
“HempStaff also operates as headhunters in the industry, and thus has insight into the massive need for employees in Ohio’s growing medical marijuana industry.”
HempStaff Media - Weedmaps
Jobs Recruiters Say These 3 Jobs in the Cannabis Industry Command the Highest Salaries
“[Yagielo’s] firm recently placed a manager from a California dispensary with a cannabis seller in Maryland. The owner of the business was looking for someone with at least 10 years of experience managing dispensaries. Medical marijuana has been legal in Maryland for less than five years, making it impossible for anyone from Maryland to have that amount of experience.”
HempStaff Media - WYPR
WYPR (NPR) (Audio)
Cannabis Commission Proposes Strengthening Training Regulations for Dispensary Employee
“Someone comes in and say they have arthritis, but they also get drug tested at their job,” says Yagielo. “You gotta know what product to give them, so they can relieve their arthritis, but also pass a drug test.”
5/30/2018 HempStaff Media - Spreaker
Cannabis Radio (Audio)
Cannabis Recruiting
“HempStaff has been involved in cannabis recruiting since 2014 and helped placed thousands of employees in over a dozen states.”
HempStaff Media - NOLA
Here’s what the marijuana industry’s largest gathering looks like in New Orleans
“The business has trained and certified more than 4,700 dispensary agents in 18 states since 2014.”
HempStaff Media - Source
The Source
The Source Talks to HempStaff CEO About Employee Certification in Medical Marijuana Industry
“In our course we assist with student resumes, supply them with information on all state licensed companies as well as pointers on where these companies post job openings. Students are also placed in our database for any future openings we may have, though start-up companies do tend to hire entry-level on their own.”
HempStaff Media - Fox 45
Fox 45 Baltimore
HempStaff hosts Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training courses
“The class, which took place at the Hilton Baltimore B.W.I. Airport Hotel, taught participants how to understand individual’s needs, how to determine dosages, cannabis’ effect, how cannabinoids can reduce symptoms and the top 20 cannabis products on the market.”
HempStaff Media - FreeTimes
Free Times
High Hopes: Medical Marijuana Could Mean Big Business for S.C.
“The impact is far reaching, from licensed cannabis businesses and doctors recommending marijuana, to those supplying supplies like lights and packaging, and even construction companies that have to build the cultivation centers,” Yagielo tells Free Times.
HempStaff Media - BigBuds
Big Buds Magazine
Want to Be A Professional Budtender? Here Are Six Thing I Learned in Budtending School
“On a Saturday morning, I learned how to be a dispensary agent.”
HempStaff Media - DigBoston
High School: Get Your Cannabis Education in Mass.
“[Course] helps you understand the industry and the medication which will help boost your resume with the knowledge you need to speak intelligently when you land that interview for an opening at a dispensary in the near future.”
HempStaff Media - AP
Associated Press
Budtenders to Be in High Demand in Michigan
“It’s the only time we get to choose our own medication,” Yagielo said. “The doctor gives you a recommendation . (but) you get to choose what you put in your body.”
HempStaff Media - DFP
Detroit Free Press
Medical marijuana to make budtenders in high demand in Michigan
“He took the HempStaff class in Ohio last year, but also went to the Romulus class for a second go-around in February, with the goal of learning more about Michigan’s new regulated market and the best way to determine what type of marijuana a cardholder needs.”
HempStaff Media - WKYC
WKYC Cleveland NBC
Florida company to bring cannabis training to Cleveland
“The 4-hour course is designed to educate those in the cannabis industry such as business owners, workers and cultivators.”
HempStaff Media - PLain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Despite Ohio’s medical marijuana industry’s rocky start, job excitement grows
“Many people think, ‘I’ve been smoking for years I’m qualified.’ But that’s not what this is about; especially in Ohio where they don’t even allow you to sell plant material for smoking.”
HempStaff Media - Dope
Dope Magazine
Secrets of a Successful Cannabusiness Couple
” Rosie recalled the time they published a book that almost immediately became obsolete, emphasizing the importance of all their trainers’ intimate knowledge of the industry in every region of the country.”
HempStaff Media - Orlando
WKMG Orlando
Florida company offers training to meet needs of budding cannabis industry
“Since then, HempStaff has hosted more than 100 training sessions around the country. The course is designed for people who want to work in the industry and is localized for the laws in each state where the training takes place. “
HempStaff Media - BigBuds2
Big Bugs Magazine
Garden State Debate: New Jerseyites Have Complicated Feelings On Cannabis
“Yagielo offers his advice for those who are interested in future grow ops under legalization”
HempStaff Media - Forbes3
Forbes Magazine
Cannabis Insiders Share 2018 Industry Wishes
“Much of this shift can be credited to the fact that education now exists to help not only the industry workers but for the patient themselves. “
HempStaff Media - Voice
Philly Magazine
Budtender training to be offered in Philly in 2018
“The training and certification are designed to give aspiring dispensary agents a resume boost, the Florida-based company writes in a lengthy description of its training.”
HempStaff Media - Patch
Marijuana Job Workshop In New Jersey Will Train ‘Budtenders’
“Our trainers have years of experience working in the cannabis industry and managing a dispensary, with plenty of inside information on how this industry works… We know that laws are constantly updated in the early months of the MMJ program. That’s why, once you take our professional training class, you are welcome to return to any future training session, based on availability, at no charge.”
HempStaff Media - CannTech
CannaTech News
A Career In Cannabis Could Earn You $250,000 A Year
“However, it’s not in the growing fields where the lion’s share of the cash is made these days, in fact, it all starts in the classroom.”
HempStaff Media - Ganja
Ganjapreneur (Audio)
James Yagielo: Cannabis Industry Staffing and Recruitment
“I really want to congratulate you on your success, operating in a lot of states is a really impressive feat. You reached out early and are really leading this charge in this ancillary side of the cannabis industry.”
HempStaff Media - Dayton
Dayton Daily News
Businesses seek to work with Ohio medical marijuana
“The company, founded in 2014, specializes in recruiting for the cannabis sector and sees opportunity helping businesses in Ohio who will be unlikely to find workers with dispensary experience.”
HempStaff Media - CNN
CNN Money
It pays to be a scientist in the marijuana industry
“The greatest demand, according to James Yagielo, co-founder and owner of the Florida-based headhunter HempStaff, is for master extractors. They process the active components THC and CBD from marijuana and hemp to make oils, concentrates, edibles and other products.”
HempStaff Media - Coalition
Coalition Radio (Video)
Career Opportunities in Medical Cannabis
“Cannabis really does help in regards to the Opioid Epidemic.”
HempStaff Media - hrdive2
HR Dive
High appeal: How cannabis worker training translates across industries
“Budtenders lacked the formal training needed for the job and were the biggest complaint of patients,” he said. This motivated him to co-found HempStaff.”
HempStaff Media - HRdive23
HR Dive
Up in smoke: Marijuana workers need further training as more states legalize
“They hire trainers who have the right scientific background and have been training for at least five years. “
HempStaff Media - Arkansas
Arkansas Times
Training for cannabis and medical marijuana dispensary jobs in Arkansas
“I was just so happy to finally learn something about the medical uses and confirm my limited knowledge (and provide much more knowledge). Thank you so much for the professionalism each presenter and other staff displayed. You are the ones who can help fan the flames of legitimacy in this field so thank you!”
HempStaff Media - CLO
Chief Learning Officer Magazine
Marijuana Workers in Need of Higher Learning
“Most business owners simply don’t have the time to train new hires on every aspect of running a dispensary, said Rosie Yagielo, co-founder of HempStaff, a medical marijuana recruiting and dispensary training company.”
HempStaff Media - Civilized
Civilized Magazine
This Company Trains Budtenders So They Don’t Hurt Patients – Or The Cannabis Movement
“What we tell our [students] is that they are supposed to be cannabis product specialists … It’s important to be professional and educate the patient rather than just selling weed,” says Yagielo.”
HempStaff Media - AR Dem
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Medical marijuana industry expected to bring new jobs to Arkansas
“If the agents “don’t give the right product to someone and they don’t think it works, well, they’ll think medical marijuana is a farce,” Yagielo said.”
HempStaff Media - WPTV
West Palm Beach NBC 5
HempStaff holds medical marijuana dispensary training in West Palm Beach
“These folks are going to need staff that know what they are talking about, that are not going to hurt the cardholder but enhance the cardholder’s knowledge and give them a comfort level when they come into the shop,” she says. “They’re breaking taboos, they’re educating, they’re wearing a lot of hats under the one title of ‘dispensary agent’.”
HempStaff Media - Herald
Miami Herald
Cannabis catalyst: Medical marijuana could boost business in Florida
“If I had my way, I would be the nationwide trainer for dispensary agents,” Yagielo said. “Like whatever it’s called that does the bartending classes, that would be me. A legal marijuana market in Florida would likely boost businesses other than the nurseries and dispensaries most commonly associated with the marijuana industry.”
5/10/2016 HempStaff Media - Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel
Aspiring Pot Producers Attend Expo
“HempStaff has found a niche as a staffing and training agency for the marijuana industry.”
HempStaff Media - Chicago
Chicago Tribune
Aspiring budtenders seek training to run medical marijuana dispensaries
“A thick line of people formed inside a DoubleTree hotel Saturday afternoon, all of them waiting to learn if they had earned the distinction of certified budtender, one of many titles for a person who works behind the counter at a medicinal marijuana dispensary.”
2/3/2015 HempStaff Media - DNA
DNA Info
‘Budtender’ Class in March Sold Out; Seats Available for April’s Class
“When my students walk out of class, they’re a product specialist, they can tell you different guidelines for dosage and how cannabis works in the system. At the end of the day, the person”

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