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3 Invaluable Reasons to Use a Cannabis Recruiting Service

While the rest of the word is in a holding pattern, the newly popular cannabis and hemp industry businesses have been deemed essential and are running full speed. Industry news recently noted that 2020 Marijuana sales alone are projected to end somewhere around 18 billion dollars or 40% over 2019 sales. That does not include the 25 million dollars of Hemp sales projections for 2020. That means that new jobs will continue to come on board, despite the current financial crisis.

What does that mean for the average business owner who is trying to fill an open position? It means that open posts (on your website or job boards) will fill your inbox with resumes (approximately 150-200 per position) with most of them completely unqualified. That will keep your staff extremely busy with that one task, for the next 30 days which is the average length of time from posting the position to the employee’s first day.

Is the open position a key player in generating revenue or ensuring the success of your operations?

The longer the position stays open—the more money your company will lose.

While cannabis or hemp recruiting services will charge you a fee, here are the top 4 reasons using a recruiter as opposed to your Human Resource Managers is more efficient:

Cannabis Recruiters know the Industry

Use a Cannabis or Hemp recruitment firm. You cannot put a dollar amount on the vast knowledge and experience, these recruiters have. You do not have to explain the different positions or required experiences to them. In fact, they can help you. They are working in a specialized industry and have a network of contacts that work in these industries on a daily basis. They can help you with job descriptions, salary ranges and offer letters. Their database of resumes far exceeds what you will find when posting an integral position on a job board. They know who the best candidates are and have them on speed dial. A cannabis job board is NOT going to give you that same result. These specialists are not looking at hemp job boards or even your personal site.

Cannabis Recruiters know their candidates

Recruiters know their candidates. In fact, many of them have formed priceless, personal relationships with these hard-to-find experts and contact them regularly to check in on their current position and present new and unique opportunities when they arise. These are candidates who may only be passively looking for a new job but the right job, in the right city, at the right salary, could be extremely intriguing. In other words, the recruiters know what motivates each of them when considering new opportunities that they may not have considered before. Recruiters know their candidates and know how to get them and keep them, interested. To get the best, you may need to relocate a candidate. Recruiters will have those candidates ready to move for new opportunities.

Cannabis Recruiters know how to negotiate

The recruiter knows what it take to close their candidate! Their personal relationships are going to be huge advantages for the client for value-added benefits. Those benefits can range from relocation fees, health care, vacation/holiday pay and year end bonuses.

One of the biggest mistakes employers are making in this current market is just throwing out a salary (good, bad or otherwise) and presenting a “take it or leave it attitude” because they feel that “candidates” are desperate. That is not at all what is currently happening.

An independent cannabis or hemp recruiter can draw upon their experience in such situations to advise the hiring manager against that practice, suggesting better negotiation strategies that will more likely be met with more success.

The longer a position is open, the more the employer loses in terms of productivity and profitability. Times are tough right now and with such a high unemployment rate, it seems like everyone is applying for a new job. Single job posts are generating over 150 resumes, many of them completely unqualified. Do your internal managers have the time to go through those resumes, qualify and vet the candidates, interview them, background check them and negotiate contract provisions in a timely fashion? If the answer is no, you may want to consider using a recruiter.

Hiring rule of thumb: the more important the position, the quicker it should be filled.

Cannabis Recruiters will consistently provide their clients with the best candidates in the marketplace to fill their most critical positions in the shortest amount of time possible. 

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