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5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Cannabis Headhunter for Your Cannabis Business

Need to hire qualified candidates to grow your cannabis business? You’re not alone. The cannabis industry is expanding worldwide. While this industry is turbulent as ever, businesses are persevering and growing at rapid rates. Like with any business, people are the backbone of a successful cannabis operation. So hiring the right people is crucial. However, hiring is also challenging. Finding the right candidates requires more than a resume review. Qualified candidates in the cannabis industry can be hard to come by, especially for senior level positions. Founders can search for months to find the right person for the job. Hiring costs entrepreneurs valuable time, energy, and money. However, there is another answer. In fact a cannabis headhunter who specializes in the cannabis industry (like HempStaff) not only help businesses find the right people but can also save them time and money in the process. Curious if hiring a headhunter is the right move for your cannabis business? Here’s what you need to know.

1.) Review Qualified Candidates

When a cannabis business posts a job listing, they may receive thousands of submissions. Only a fraction of those applicants may actually be qualified for the position. Reviewing applicants is a time-consuming process. In fact, many cannabis entrepreneurs underestimate just how time intensive hiring is. Sorting through hundreds of resume takes days, sometimes weeks to complete. The right cannabis headhunter will manage this task for you. And because headhunters are experts in recruiting, they’ll connect your cannabis business with handful of best applicants ready to interview.

2.) Complete Reference Checks

Assessing whether an applicant’s qualifications is only one part of the hiring process. A candidate may look great on paper. However, a reference check is always a good idea. Checking a candidate’s references gives you insight into their previous job performance. It’s also a good way to validate a candidate’s claims on their resume. You want to ensure that your business is hiring the right person for the job. Therefore, getting an outside perspective is crucial. Conducting a reference check will help you identify the best candidates. However, like with all hiring activities, checking references takes time. Which is why many cannabis entrepreneurs fail to include this step in their recruitment process. After all, entrepreneurs already have so much on their plates. A Cannabis Headhunter will manage this critical hiring step for you. In fact, a good headhunter will ensure that a reference check always takes place for top candidates.

3.) Access to Top Talent

If there is one advantage of hiring a headhunter, it’s their access to the best applicants. Headhunters are master recruiters. It’s their job to connect people in the industry. A cannabis business may publish a job posting online but that doesn’t mean it has the same impact as a headhunter. In fact, more often than not, top talent must be sourced directly – as they may not be actively looking for a new position until one they have been searching for is offered to them by their recruiter. Businesses who are passive in their hiring approach risk falling behind. A business may spend months trying to find the right candidate. Headhunters source candidates directly. Instead of waiting for the right applicant, a headhunter makes the connection happen directly. Hiring becomes an easier and more efficient process for the employer and employee.

4.) Pre-Hiring Background Checks

There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to officially sign an employee only to realize they failed the background check. Last minute surprises are not welcomed in the hiring process. A pre-employment background check protects a business along with their employees and clients. Skipping a background check will do more than damage your bank account. It can also jeopardize your entire business and even cost you jail time. The legalities of running a cannabis company are complex. Entrepreneurs must take every measure to protect their employees and clients. Therefore, no one should be hired without a background check. Luckily, headhunters can take care of this for you. Before the offer letter is even presented, a good headhunter will ensure a background check is complete.  Some cannabis headhunters, like HempStaff, even offer a 90-day guarantee on your employee.  So if they quit or are fired with cause they are replaced at no additional cost.

5.) Save Valuable Time

What is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset? Time. Running a cannabis business is a huge time commitment. Successful entrepreneurs in this space work well over sixty hours a week. In fact, if you ask most entrepreneurs, they will tell you their work never stops. It is no wonder then why so many business owners find themselves time deprived. There is only so much one person can accomplish. Medical Marijuana Headhunters help alleviate the burden of hiring. Instead of spending precious time reviewing potential employees, entrepreneurs are able to focus their attention on other tasks like operations, management, pitching, and team building. In other words, business owners are freed to spend their time on key business tasks. As a result, the entire operation becomes more efficient.

The benefits of hiring a cannabis headhunter , especially in the cannabis industry, are evident.However, hiring the right headhunter can be tricky, especially in the cannabis industry. Headhunters must not only be excellent recruiters, they also need to be connectors in the cannabis industry.

HempStaff prides ourselves on our professional cannabis business recruitment services. We specialize as medical marijuana headhunters in finding management level employees, such as master growers, extractors or dispensary managers, many time we facilitate relocating them from a different state as well. We are also there for the inexperienced candidate, with budtender training and certification, that can help them find medical marijuana jobs.

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